To My Son,

It is past midnight and the rain hasn’t stopped coming down for the past couple days. Everyone is asleep and the rain has suddenly become peaceful and inviting instead of the nuisance it has been. We weren’t able to go for a walk because of it. I just realized that in a couple of days you will be three months old. I understand now the meaning behind the phrase “they grow up so fast” because it really does feel like it was just yesterday I got to hold you in my arms for the first time. I say this but at the same time it feels like it has been more than three months.. Motherhood is a funny but nonetheless a rewarding experience.

I just wanted ┬áto say thank you for choosing me as your mother. I feel undeserving of such a huge title, but I promise I will honour it and try my best to do right by you always. To be honest, having children was not in my plan, at least not for a few years. I wanted to graduate university and get my career started. I wanted life to settle first. Things might not have gone according to plan, but you have blessed me with the motivation that has been lost for awhile. Being a young mother does not mean I can’t do all the things I set out to do, it may delay my plans a little, but being a mother has made it clear to me why I need to try to be as successful as I can be, for you.

You may be almost three months old, but you are already so full of personality. The way you get frustrated when you can’t seem to burp right away. The way you pretend to sleep when there are too many people around. The way you smile and laugh at me whenever I change your dirty diaper. You may not be able to say actual words and it’s just babbling right now, but you already have so much to say. I can also already tell that you’re going to be strong-willed because of how determined you are to keep your head up for long periods of time and how hard your kicks are becoming. I cannot wait for all the adventures we are yet to have.