About Me

Hey! My name is Nikki Zayco originally from the Philippines but now residing in Vancouver, Canada. I am a Communications Major + Print & Digital Publishing Minor student at Simon Fraser University. I am an introvert with an extreme case of wanderlust, and as of recently, a new member of motherhood.  Lately, most of my writing is currently in the form of academic essays for school, but also exists in the form of incomplete journals and iPhone notes. I  have a soft spot in my heart for food and Netflix.  Growing up, I found that writing was the best way I was able to express myself, but over the years I found myself writing less. I thought that now is the time to try producing my own content for a change instead of constantly consuming it in hopes of breaking down some walls and redefining my sense of self. Keep in mind everyone experiences and interprets life differently therefore my blog is my own interpretation based on my own experiences.   I can only hope that the contents of my blog may be relatable and inspire some of you 🙂