Writing Anxiety

I came across an email about an opportunity to be a volunteer blog writer for my school’s career and volunteer blogs. We were to pitch topics we would want to write about if we were chosen. I decided on a whim to sign up for this opportunity thinking that I wouldn’t be chosen anyway, but to my surprise, I was! I decided to write about the struggle that is procrastination, something I struggle with on a daily basis and am suffering the consequences of it now that I’m nearing the end of my university career.

At first, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of sharing my article with my peers. I’ve always been private and shy about sharing my writing with others because I felt like my writing wasn’t good enough and that it was nothing special. In the end, I decided to share my article on Facebook anyways despite my anxiousness and was blown away by all the support from my peers. This goes to show that you should never feel ashamed of the things you love to do and to never pass on an opportunity. More importantly, please always be proud of the work you do (if anyone is interested in reading the article I have it linked below).

Source: A Procrastinator’s Guide to Success | SFU OLC